Queasy Irving’s coup d'état


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The Dragon and the Wolf discuss what Kyrie Irving means about “a little fishy,” inserting crowd noise into sporting events, Mike Gundy’s mullet, reviewing the “Long Gone Summer” and “The King of Staten Island” plus much more.

⏺ COVID + protest + personal coverage (4:23)

Basketball is woke: Queasy’s coalition + a fanless 2020-21 (19:55)

Baseball is boring: ‘98 season, ‘19 cheating, ‘20 on the fritz (45:25)

Football is racist: Kaepernick to the Chargers? + Mike Gundy wears OAN tee (1:07:59)

Soccer is for p******: EPL returns, Arsenal vs. Man City (1:29:33)

⏺ Drafting Judd Apatow projects + The King of Staten Island review (1:37:47)

Gully Music for the Streets: Happy Bday King Kendrick Lamar (2:05:42)

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