L.I.O.N.'s D.E.N.


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Lies, Inadequate response, On going unprosperous situations we get stuck in, Negativity, Denial, Ego, Non belief in yourself-L.I.O.N.'s D.E.N. when you break it down this is a great way to look at things. We all fight the lies that are being told to us, from everywhere, through satan. we all feel like we have, or not prepared to have an adequate response to issues, situations where we feel stuck, and the negativity that surrounds us.

We sometimes live in denial, let our ego's get the best of us, and not believe in ourselves, and have to face situations that we are not prepared to handle, or feel that way anyways. In this episode with Chris, he and I talk about what people can do to overcome these issues, how this acronym can be useful in identifying what is happening in your life today. How you can have God help you get through whatever it is that is keeping you from your best. Remember, God protected Daniel from the lions, in THEIR DEN, what makes you think he won't protect you when you are in the enemy's den?!

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