Episode 79 - My Chemical Romance, Umbrella Academy, and Doom Patrol


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This is how we like to do it in the murder scene—if by 'the murder scene' you mean episode 79 and by 'like to do it' you mean 'talk about our great love for My Chemical Romance and Gerard Way's comics!' Equal parts fan raving, analysis, and discussion of why weirdness is a good thing, this episode is pretty much a love letter to one of our favorite bands. Enjoy!
To get right to the My Chemical Romance talk, skip to 00:17:00.
Warnings: This episode is uncensored, and contains some potentially triggering discussions of mental illness and addiction.
What Missy's Been Up To:
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
What Merri's Been Up To:
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Marvel's Runaways
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