Episode 90 - Jurassic Park


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I hope you didn't just think we were going to talk about how cool dinosaurs are, because it's time for episode 90, all about the wild world of Jurassic Park. We're talking about gender, capitalism, good and bad reproduction, and fashion! It's a long one, folks.
To get right to the Jurassic Park talk, skip to 00:13:00.
Warnings: We cussed.
What Missy's Been Up To:
The Sexy Brutale
What Merri's Been Up To:
Queer Eye
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Woman Inherits the Earth”: Deconstructing Jurassic Park as an Early Text in Third- Wave Feminism by Graeme J. Wilson
Review: A parable on science and technology by Paul F. Uhlir
‘Jurassic Park’: Resisting Gender Tropes by Siobhan Denton
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Screen Stars With Teeth To Spare by Janet Maslin
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The Thing From the Tar Pits : JURASSIC PARK By Michael Crichton by Andrew Ferguson
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