Episode 91 - Jurassic Park Sequels


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It's episode 91, all about Jurassic Park sequels. Remember how enthusiastic we were about Jurassic Park? There's, uh, less of that.
To get right to the Jurassic Park talk, skip to 00:11:30.
Warnings: We cussed.
Mistakes: Missy says director J. A. Bayona's name wrong—she swapped the 'a' and 'o.'
What Missy's Been Up To:
Becoming Dangerous by Katie West and Jasmine Elliot
Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
Grand Design
What Merri's Been Up To:
Queer Eye
Some Links You Might Find Interesting:
The Jurassic Park Franchise: What the Hell Happened? By Michael Roffman, Dominick Suzanne-Mayer and Randall Colburn
JURASSIC PARK III Revisited: “This Is How You Make Dinosaurs?” by Matt Goldberg
Jurassic World: Capitalism Eats Itself: Russell Brand The Trews (E341)
Review: A parable on science and technology by Paul F. Uhlir
Colin Trevorrow on 'Jurassic World's monster star Indominus Rex by Joe McGovern
How the dinosaurs in Jurassic World came to life
‘Jurassic World’: A Big, Dumb, Sexist Mess by Marlow Stern
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