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The Dillons are socially distancing themselves and are set up in their home offices for the time being as a global pandemic sends shockwaves throughout every facet of daily living. Dark stuff, huh? Let us be the bright unidentified shiny thing in the dark dismal sky! What? Anyway, come laugh with us! This week we chat COVID-19, our lives, our plans, and our hopes for you- our friends and listeners, along with slinging some silly off the cuff conversation about some weird ass stories.
We're just trying to make sense of it all while having a few laughs. We hope you do too! Stay Safe! Wash Your Hands!
This Week's Headlines:
5 Work At Home Office Hacks For Newbies
Devastated woman discovers plant she's been watering for two years is fake
Bakery’s Savory BBQ Pie Is Both Dinner & Dessert
Fort Worth Police Chase With Cow Begins on Rodeo Street
Florida Man Spends Weeks Leaving Food for Bashful Stray Cat, Only to Discover it Was a Garden Gnome
Vintage Spy Compact Discovered in Toy Chest at Baltimore Estate Sale
In light of the global pandemic, our friends at Helium Comedy Club Buffalo have been displaced and are without income. Helium has been so amazing to us over the years, and we've made some wonderful friends there. If you have the means, please consider supporting our friends during this trying time. Click HERE to support them on GoFundMe
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Fake Headlines is a weekly comedy podcast featuring a husband & wife riffing on absurd news with some made up headlines thrown into the mix! We don't know what headlines ahead of time that the other person has prepared, and we see where the conversation takes us.
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