87 Relative & Ultimate Bodhicitta


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Alan begins by making some comments on divine pride. Dissolve all ordinary appearances (of one’s own ordinary sense of self, and of everything) into emptiness and out of emptiness arise with pure vision and divine pride. It’s utter sublime surrender. Then Alan recalls the story of Milarepa, in which he offered everything to his guru, Marpa, even a lame goat. This is total relinquishment, and then a gift is received. Then Alan quotes Shantideva: “Surrendering everything is nirvana, and my mind seeks nirvana. If I must surrender everything, it is better that I give it to sentient beings.” For the meditation, after the devotions and settling body, speech and mind, rest in your best approximation of ultimate bodhicitta, not imagining, not doing anything. Then Alan recites the verses for taking the bodhicitta precepts from Shantideva, mentioning that we can all take the bodhicitta precepts, if we wish to, also via podcast at any time now or later. The meditation is on ultimate and relative bodhicitta. After meditation, Alan gives just this simple instruction: “Just don’t be distracted, and see what happens.” The meditation starts at: 16:47 ___ Course notes, other episodes and resources for this retreat are available here The text for this retreat can be purchased via the SBI Store. Finally, Please contribute to help us afford the audio equipment we rent to make these, and future podcasts freely available.

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