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“backlog” Let’s all find our way to DOS In the backlogs of our own emotions. Upwards, downwards, sideways, across. I have seen dreams and files lost Like so many ships sunk in the oceans Let’s all find our way to DOS If I were a meal I’d want to be sauced In the warm touch of your simple notions Upwards, downwards, sideways, across. My feelings somethipitchng that can be easily tossed Like a coin to a bum or spread like lotions? Let’s all find our way to DOS A rolling processor gathers no moss But then why am I green from all these motions Upwards, downwards, sideways, across. Maybe it was always me, it was never us Lied to like a naïve fool buying false potions. Let’s all find our way to DOS Upwards, downwards, sideways, across Please send positive feedback to yputerpoems@gmail.com Y-Puter is Billy Griffin, Jr written by Jonathan Goldberg and Matt roi Berger recorded and mixed by Will Melones

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