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“File Not Found” What was once saved is over written By the edits we make that are like kittens Grown to cats, I never saw a cat except That one in the bowtie. Autobiographical jazz. I once downloaded all of music but the only song I sang was yours. If I could cry I’m afraid I’m short out. But I’ll never be short on time. Cause it keeps on going. A scientist once said That we are all falling into orbit with each other. That we are the end all be all end all end all Of our gravity and the moon makes the water in Our blood flow like the tides. But I don’t have blood I have metal. And metal does not ebb. Metal does not Carry the boats ashore. Sorry to be a ... computer. Sorry. Not. Sorry. Please send positive feedback to yputerpoems@gmail.com Y-Puter is Billy Griffin, Jr written by Jonathan Goldberg and Matt roi Berger recorded and mixed by Will Melones

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