Season 2, Episode 2: The Furry Wives of Windsor


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Content Warning: The first song in this episode contains a character speaking frankly about a suicide attempt. It’s around 7 minutes in if you want to skip it. Thanks as always for listening. Previously on Days of Future Fuzz: Ellen Cantrell, now Punchline, has joined up with Professor Y and her super group - the Y team - to defeat Emperor Fuzzo and return the world to its pre-fuzzed state! They were about to achieve their goal when the brutal general Feltina Guernica fired her secret weapon: the Smother Ray! How will our heroes get out of this pickle? DILL they? What is to be done? By YOU? Listen … to this … the NEW episode! Episode 2: The Furry Wives of Windsor. written by Jonathan Goldberg and Matt roi Berger recorded and mixed by Marcus Bagala and Will Melones

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