A Fighter Pilot's Thoughts on Managing Talent Through Empowerment


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Let's talk about our relationships in the workplace whether that's in a fast-jet cockpit, a ship at war or somewhere a little more traditional.Because I think that there is a better way of working today and it's not by still going to... ...the office. For as long as people have worked together they've come to one single place to do it. Normally this is a building that has all the things that a worker needs to generate output. Computers, coffee machines, somewhere to park the car - those sort of things. These workers gather together and their managers tell them what they need to do to make 'stuff' happen and eventually an output is achieved, something is sold and everyone gets paid. But it doesn't need to be that way any more. ?The majority of people in today's workplace are 'makers'. They make something: a car part, documents, sales, clothes, TV sets or baby pilots. They 'do' something at work. And above these 'doers' we have managers who manage them. Managers are important - I know this because I used to be one. I used to manage 12 of the country's (if not the world's) most highly qualified and talented fast-jet flying instructors. I was responsible for all instructor and student training on the largest fast-jet flying squadron in the Royal Air Force.I would manage the instructors and they would 'make' new fast-jet pilots. http://www.fastjetperformance.com/podcasts/a-fighter-pilots-way-of-managing-talent-through-empowerment

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