'Are We Going to Die, Again?' - The Power of Positive Thinking


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‘Are we going to die, again?’ ? That’s all my Weapons Officer (WSO) said to me when I asked him for the time. ‘Bro, the CHECK-IN-TIME, when is it?’ I repeated as I yanked an ejection seat strap from it’s housing and towards my lap. There was no reply. It was obvious he was busy in the rear-seat of our Tornado bomber and heavily pre-occupied with the complexity of this evening’s flight. It really was a ‘dark and stormy night’ and our plan was going to take us into some of the worst weather we would ever see on the West Coast of Scotland. The rain was pouring down and the winds were fierce. I was soaked to the skin from the ‘walk around’ of the aircraft I’d done pre-flight. The winds drove the freezing rain through my flight gear, rendering all of my paperwork unusable. ‘A bit wet are we, Sir?’ laughed my engineer as he helped me with the straps. I flashed him a quick smile as the raindrops dripped from my nose and onto the cockpit floor; his humour would keep me warm at least until we got airborne and the real work began.


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