'Hit the Target, Don't Get Shot Down' - On Goals and Life


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??'Wolf 3 defends SA-11 bearing 020!' came the call from the back pair of our low-level 4-ship of Tornado GR4 bombers. Our formation had stumbled upon the enemy Air Defences and they were not happy to be disturbed over their lunch hour. 'Well, there it is!' proclaimed my Navigator confirming what we'd both been expecting; 'I told you they'd get themselves killed!' he laughed. I chuckled with him as I hugged the valley floor, pressing on towards our target which was now only 2 minutes flying time away. 'Wolf 4 defending SA-8 bearing 270, egressing to the east!' came a call soon after. 'That's the back pair out, that's not good.' I said, noting that there were just two of us left to hit the target. We thundered on as low as we dared, trying to use the undulating terrain for cover. The wind over the hills buffeted our 26 tonne war machine making it hard to plot the enemy's systems onto my kneeboard. 'Mike,' I called, 'I've got an SA-6 looking at us right 2 o'clock - make it go away.' Our Radar Warning Receiver was displaying the familiar lines associated with a particularly aggressive Surface to Air Missile system. I pushed the throttles forward marching the speed up towards 500 mph in an attempt to progress us away from the threat. 'That 6 wasn't in the brief,' he replied, 'Come left 30 degrees to put him on the beam.' http://www.fastjetperformance.com/podcasts/hit-the-target-dont-get-shot-down-on-goals-and-life

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