Why You Self-Sabotage - How Planning for Failure is Giving You Permission to Fail


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My team of instructors had just told me that they were never going to fly with him again and here he was, sat right in front of me. He had no idea. If you are a student going through military fast jet flying training and the instructors won’t fly with you then that’s it, you fail - it really is that simple. ‘I’m not going to fly the test for you, you are good enough to pass this course but you just need to believe that you are!’ I shouted at him. It was the first time I had raised my voice in over 5 years of teaching fast jet pilots. ‘I don’t want to see you for the rest of the day. Don’t go to the gym, don’t go home and play Xbox - I want you to go and think of 5 honest reasons why you shouldn’t fly a front-line military aircraft. Tomorrow we’ll fly the trip again. You will pass it when you finally believe in yourself and not a second before.’ He wasn’t a bad student and he’d had a good flying course. He’d made some early mistakes and had flown a few trips again but his performance wasn’t out of the ordinary. He was just having trouble completing the last couple of sorties - it was quite common. But often an instructor will get upset with a student. Sometimes a student will be uncharacteristically underperforming and this can be due to problems at home, a bad nights sleep or an indifferent approach to their training. The first two we can deal with but the third just gets us irritated and instructors don’t get upset easily, we are some chilled out dudes. http://www.fastjetperformance.com/podcasts/why-you-self-sabotage-how-planning-for-failure-is-giving-you-permission-to-fail

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