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Join Vanessa the Ketogenic Girl for this inspiring episode as she speaks with Best Selling author and keto Youtuber Suzanne Ryan, also known as Keto Karma! Suzanne lost over 120 lbs following a simple approach to a ketogenic diet. She just released a brand new book entitled Simply Keto and on this episode we discuss how she lost over 120 pounds keeping keto as simple as possible, how she follows keto and makes it work as a mom of a 5 year old daughter and wife to her husband, being a Youtuber and how she overcame food addiction to live an incredibly fulfilling life now sharing her journey to help others do the same!


  • Getting to know the author of Simply Keto, Suzanne Ryan.
  • Suzanne's obstacles when she first started following a ketogenic diet. [00:09:59]
  • Exploring the results Suzanne got in the beginning. [00:11:41]
  • Unpacking the mechanisms behind the change and the commitment to the change and what is it that keeps people going when change is so hard for so many of us. [00:13:07]
  • How did our guest started and what kind of method did she follow? [00:14:21]
  • Suzanne's approach to ketogenic lifestyle and how it differs from other approaches. [00:16:48]
  • Did Suzanne initially create a caloric deficit? [00:18:51]
  • Of all the different things that you tried over the years, what do you think is the one thing that really worked for you? [00:21:24]
  • What does an average day of intuitive eating look like? [00:26:58]
  • Tips for moms to make ketogenic lifestyle work. [00:29:32]
  • What were the psychological shifts that our guest made in order to get away from food addiction? [00:40:51]
  • What was something that she found helped to work through the emotions instead of turning to food as a way to mask those feelings? [00:43:05]
  • If someone new is coming to keto, what are the top three or four tips that Suzanne would give them? [00:47:05]
  • The best purchase she has ever made for keto. [00:48:47]
  • What would you put on a billboard for people to see who might be struggling with their health or weight gain? [00:49:46]
  • Suzanne describes her book Simply Keto. [00:50:59]
  • Her top three favorite recipes from the book. [00:51:57]
  • What are some exciting projects or things that she's working on? [00:52:53]

People Mentioned

  • Suzanne Ryan
  • Brené Brown

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