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Show notes/Takeaways
  • Carb rotating is working in high and low carb days each week
  • Best of both worlds!
  • Higher carb days: 1. Benefit from anabolic environment from carbs 2. Preserve muscle tissue 3. Support growth
  • Lower carb days:
    1. Maximize fat burning
    2. Keep insulin levels lower (as opposed to heavy carb intake all the time).
  • Joe rotates carbs on days he does more strength based workouts
  • Practical benefits is that it’s good for the mind, there's less risk of "last meal mentality."
  • Types of carbs Joe likes to rotate in: sweet potato and gluten free oatmeal
  • Joe's detox shake*
  • Joe's "post vacation cleanse protocol"
  • *"Detoxing" in this context is more to give internal organs a break and flush system. This is not a proven detox of cleanse.
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