S02.6: Cinnamon Roll Romance Heroes Interstitial with Andie Christopher


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Next week, we’re going back to paranormal with the first book in JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Dark Lover. It’s a whole ride. Strap in. Get it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo or your local indie (it’s currently only $2.99 in ebook!).

Show Notes

- We're so excited to have Andie on the podcast -- her book, Not the Girl You Marry, is out November 12th. Preorder now!

- Do you know the importance of a Sky Pager?

- The Pegging Crew is a nickname we use with love for the folks who bought a change to decide a Fated Mates interstitial topic.

- If you're looking for romances with the Great British Bake Off energy, Sarah recommends Louisa Edwards.-

- Last summer, Jen interviewed Andie for Kirkus.

- Nancy Pelosi is taking care of business.

- Olivia Dade has a great list of cinnamon roll heroes, but this piece from The Onion originated the term.

- The Simone Scale is very different from the Clayborn Curve.

- I guess you can decide for yourself if Father Bell is a cinnamon roll (whispers: especially because this will be a season 2 book that blooded us).

- The only person who can ask for flowers is Barbra Streisand.

- Every time Jen mentions a fainting couch, she's thinking of this most excellent pinterest board by friend of the pod @bandherbooks.

- Some really thoughtful tweets that were in response to our alpha episode: Charlotte talking about lust and care, and Cat talking about baggage.

- The romance trailblazer videos from this year's RITAs are so great.

- The original stern brunch daddy tweet.

- Toxic masculinity is like acid rain, not rain rain.

- The "I'm baby" meme.

- Jess & Marie are pretty great.

- Andie said Gen Z doesn't fuck, but it sounds like they just don't date.

- Buy some romance buttons from Kelly!

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