2019-08-18 - 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time


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18 August 2019

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Luke 12:49-53 + Homily

16 Minutes 29 Seconds

Link to the Readings:


(New American Bible, Revised Edition)

From the parish bulletin:

It is customary in our parish that the weekly column “From the Pastor” be suspended during the weeks of August, while the regular schedule of activities continues as usual. Summer also occasions the welcome visits of an increasing number of tourists. Since there is a gratifyingly large number of readers who follow these columns, forming an extended fellowship of friends of the parish far and wide, each week there will still be an opportunity to post brief news items and links to other sources.

Meanwhile, we take this opportunity to express our thanks for the interest and support shown for our parish in challenging times. Father Rutler’s most recently published essay may be of interest to readers. It is available on the Crisis Magazine website: Fr. Rutler’s Guide to Virtue-Signalling.

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