Joe Biden Cannot Hide from the Ukraine Scandal


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On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan dig deeper into the Ukraine scandal. Lee plays audio of himself interviewing a Ukraine insider from years ago that reveals a lot about Biden.
Gordon Dimmack - Independent Media Reporter | Why Has Britain's Ruling Class Betrayed Brexit?
Stephen Lendman - Writer and Geopolitical Analyst | Today's News
Carmine Sabia - Writer & Managing Editor at | The Battle Over Impeachment
John Hoge - Author & Audio Engineer | The DNC's Serial Bomber & @AlexandraChalupa
Ben Norton - Assistant editor of The Grayzone | Our Foreign Policy Lunacy
Manila Chan - TV Reporter for RT America | This Week's News
Today's news is all over the place: Syria, Ukraine, Brexit. Gordon Dimmack, an independent media reporter gives us the latest update on Brexit and Boris Johnson. Both Stephen Lendman, a geopolitical analyst, and Manila Chan, a TV reporter for RT America, address an array of news.
There is still a battle ensuing in Congress to impeach Trump on the grounds of some ambiguous offense. Managing editor at Carmine Sabia gives a right-leaning perspective on the validity of the inquiry. Assistant editor of The Grayzone Ben Norton discusses the bigger issue regarding Trump, foreign policy.
You cannot dig deeper into the Ukraine story without understanding some key players involved. John Hoge, an author, outlines two very important players in the Ukraine scandal, Brett Kimberlin and Alexandra Chalupa.

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