US Drone Shot Down as Tension with Iran Continues to Rise


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On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss the adversarial relationship between the United States and Iran which has now been further inflamed as Iran has shot down a US drone. Has this event and the recent oil tanker incident brought a potential major military conflict between the two countries closer? Guests: Stephen Lendman - Writer and Geopolitical Analyst | US-Iran Tension Continues to Rise Alexander Mercouris - Editor-in-Chief at | The Race for UK Prime Minister, Trade Disputes & Julian Assange's Legal Situation Annette Bosworth M.D. - Internal Medicine Physician & Author | Tips for Staying Healthy when Traveling Natalie McGill - Comedian and Correspondent on Redacted Tonight | Law Enforcement Officers Making Inappropriate Comments on Social Media Tension between the United States and Iran continues to rise, and the downing of a US drone near the Strait of Hormuz is the latest event to highlight this strained relationship. Writer and Geopolitical Analyst Stephen Lendman joins today's show to talk about this drone incident, what happened with the oil tankers in the region last week, and how senior members of the Trump administration view the situation between the US and Iran. With Theresa May out as Prime Minster of the United Kingdom, one of the main contenders to move into this position is Boris Johnson, who was Mayor of London from 2008-2016. Alexander Mercouris, Editor-in-Chief at, returns to 'Fault Lines' to discuss the battle for Prime Minster in the UK, ongoing trade disputes between the United States and China, European Union trade and diplomatic relations with Iran, and the charges Julian Assange is facing from the US Department of Justice. Spending significant time traveling, especially by plane, can present a number of health challenges including the possibility of acquiring an illness. Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Annette Bosworth "aka Dr Boz" joins the hosts for a discussion about how to stay in good health when traveling, the potential impacts of sleep deprivation, how temperature changes can effect the body, and if fasting is a smart option to consider when taking trips. For the final segment, Natalie McGill, a Correspondent on Redacted Tonight, returns to the program to talk about the issue of law enforcement officers making racially charged and offensive comments on social media. How should agencies hold their officers accountable when such remarks are uncovered, and do social media companies have a responsibility to get involved in these situations as well?

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