Where is Momentum for the Anti-War Movement in the United States?


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On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss how the US political establishment tends to favor pro-interventionist and forceful military policies as prominent anti-war voices are few and far between. Which politicians and interest groups are now leading the anti-war push, and will the public rally to this cause?
Teodrose Fikre - Co-Founder and Former Editor of GhionJournal.com & Current Chair of Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy | The Politics of Race and their Impact on Electoral Politics
Ariel Gold - National Co-Director at Code Pink | Independence Day Events in Washington DC & The Trajectory of US Foreign Policy
Andrew Arthur - Resident Fellow in Law and Policy at the Center for Immigration Studies | Immigration Detention Centers & Criticism of Border Patrol Agents
Tom Luongo - Geopolitical Analyst and Publisher of the Gold Goats 'n Guns Newsletter | The Anti-War Movement, Trump's Trip into North Korea & 2020 Electoral Politics
The highly publicized back-and-forth between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris about civil rights during last Thursday's Presidential Debate has sparked a new wave of discussion around issues of race and the relevance of identity politics in winning elections. Writer and Political Analyst Teodrose Fikre joins Garland and Lee in-studio to talk about how conversations centered around race impact modern electoral politics, who benefits from the mainstream media focusing on these issues, and how political elites effectively deflect responsibility and avoid accountability by manipulating views held by the general public.
President Trump is planning to hold a celebratory event for Independence Day on the 4th of July which will include a parade with tanks that showcases US military power. Ariel Gold, National Co-Director at Code Pink, joins today's episode of 'Fault Lines' to discuss an anti-war/anti-Trump counter event being hosted by 'Code Pink' in Washington DC on July 4th, President Trump's role in promoting pro-war policies, the relevance of Trump's trip to North Korea, and the potential for US military action against Iran in the near future.
There has been a great deal of politically charged talk coming from politicians and members of the media about Immigration Detention Centers and the treatment of illegal immigrants being held by the Federal Government. Andrew Arthur, Resident Fellow in Law and Policy at the Center for Immigration Studies, returns to the program to discuss the policies that are driving people to enter the United States illegally, the role of these detention facilities, the vilification of Border Patrol Agents, and how Congress has failed on immigration while playing politics with the issue for years.
For the final two segments, Garland and Lee are joined by Geopolitical Analyst Tom Luongo for a discussion about the state of the anti-war movement in the United States and to get his take on the significance of President Trump's visit into North Korea. Additionally, Luongo will talk with the hosts about the strategy and tactics both parties will employ for the 2020 election, the current format for Presidential debates, and what factions and groups are truly representative of the political left in the modern United States.

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