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Across the nation, we are seeing unrelenting public protests and calls for action in response to the recent murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of the police. The continued abuse of power, blatant disregard for black lives, and refusal to hold officers accountable by law has sent the country into a rage.

The U.S. Navy announced Tuesday that it is working on an order to ban the display of the Confederate flag, less than a week after the Marine Corps issued its directive to do so.

A statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis was toppled in Richmond, Virginia, on Wednesday night.

The Wilson Academy in Lithonia, Georgia, was founded by Byron F. Wilson in 2002. His mission was to provide a solution to a major problem in the Black community: a lack of resources for students. The school offers a quality, private education at an affordable price. Since its founding, the academy has achieved a 100 percent graduation rate, and its graduates have earned millions of dollars in college scholarships.

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