S3, E34 Points of Reflection with FDNY Chief of EMS James Booth


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Chief James Booth is a 35-year veteran of the FDNY with experience responding to some of the most significant natural and manmade disasters to occur during his career. Chief Booth responded to the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 and the terrorist attacks on September 11th. He served as part of the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) response team to the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and has also participated in USAR deployments to the Dominican Republic following Hurricane Georges and New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. He was appointed Chief of EMS in 2015. In this role, he supervises 4,300 EMTs, Paramedics, EMS Officers and civilian employees and is responsible for overseeing operations, planning, strategic initiatives and logistics. In this episode, hear how Chief Booth’s leadership is fueled by his reminiscences. Chief of Staff Elizabeth Cascio hosts.

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