#168: Healing Body Image With Photos - with Lindley Ashline


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I’m interviewing Lindley Ashline, Photographer and creator of Body Liberation Stock and the Body Love Box about how images and photos can be a powerful tool for healing body image. We also discuss thin privilege and more. Show notes: summerinnanen.com/168 We discuss: - How Lindley got into photography and came up with the ideal to create Body Liberation Stock, - Why there is a need for fat photographers and people who understand how to work with fat bodies, - Why growing up without television and pop culture made it easier for Lindley to accept her body, - How fatphobia is the background noise in our culture, - How photos can be a helpful tool in the healing process, - How to use photos to heal body image, - Why the media controls and influences the power dynamics as it relates to fat bodies, - What you can do if you are afraid of being visible in photos, - Lindley’s series on thin privilege - why she started it and the impact it’s had, Plus, so much more! Get the shownotes at summerinnanen.com/168

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