Leadership and Listening with Coach Boyd - Gee-Gees Women's Rugby at uOttawa


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My guest today knows how to win! Jen Boyd is an inspiring coach that I wish I had the chance to be coached by in my earlier days - but I’ve never played rugby, only watched it.
Coach Jen Boyd’s rugby career stretches over three decades during which time she played club, provincial, and Canadian national level rugby. For the 2017 season, Boyd was made a full time coach with the University of Ottawa, making her the first full time female rugby head coach in Canada!

At 11:13 min in Coach Boyd shares what she wishes she knew earlier

"The power of empathetic listening - really listening to understand. I didn't do that till probably my 40's -cause I though it was about me, and leadership, mentorship, coaching, teaching - it's not about you. It's about everyone else, and that has been my greatest learning. I wish I knew that sooner. I wish someone would have told me to listen more..."

Check out the book! - Fearless: Girls with Dreams, Women with Vision

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