Most protective immunity is natural immunity


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The very best immunity is natural immunity. That comes to us from Israeli data which is complete enough to draw real conclusions from. The vaccines offer varying degrees of protection from hospitalization and death that are much improved as compared to the unvaccinated in the over 50 crowd. Under 50? The data is less clear but the good news is that there really aren’t any hospitalizations or deaths involved. The numbers are so small as to be best rounded down to zero. So the good news is that the Delta variant is stacking up to be far less deadly than the prior variants. The bad news is that “immune escape” is really very much on the table. It hasn’t happened yet (that we know of) but the odds are stacking up in its favor as more and more vaccinated people are becoming infected with SARS2 despite being fully vaccinated. Dr Geert Vanden Bossche’s hypothesis is now an ‘open secret’ as it is now part of the risk factors listed by the UK heath authorities.

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