#220 Mel Robbins on How To Take Control of Your Life With One Simple Habit


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CAUTION: This podcast episode contains swearing.

Mel Robbins is one of the most sort after motivational speakers in the world. Her TED talk has been viewed almost 27 million times and she's also the best-selling author of several books, including her latest one, The High Five Habit: Take Control of Your Life With One Simple Habit.

In today's conversation, Mel explains that all of us know what we need to do for the best in any given situation but it’s acting on that knowledge that’s hard. It’s so easy to be impulsive or fall into old habits. And I think this is where Mel really comes into her own. Her approach is all about practical, real life advice that busy people with busy lives can easily implement. A prime example is something that Mel calls the five second rule. This is a rule that stops negative thinking in its tracks, and immediately breaks the feedback loop of procrastination and moves us into taking action. It changes a bias of thinking into a bias of action, giving you the confidence to try when you're full of doubt. In fact, it's so simple that my 11 year old son has already seen its benefits in his own life over the past few weeks.

We also talk about The High Five Habit (which is the title of Mel’s new book) - this is the idea that by simply giving yourself a high five in the mirror each morning, you can experience transformative effects in your life. This simple exercise is about recognizing yourself and asking yourself what the person looking back at you in the mirror really needs and by doing so, Mel explains that you are retraining your brains neural pathways and convincing your subconscious that you are someone who is worthy of celebration.

This really is a wide ranging and in-depth conversation. There is something quite unique about the connection that Mel has with her audience and the way she delivers her message. I think a lot of it comes down to her raw honesty, and the fact that all of her methods are borne out of her own lived experience. She's been there and she is very happy to share her struggles, her insecurities and her battles. I certainly got a lot out of this conversation and I think you will as well.

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