057: How to Thrive with Real Food (& Ditch the Calorie Struggle for Good) with Sarah Adler


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Sarah Adler is an entrepreneur and real food expert, who wants you to know that you can benefit from a real food diet with patience and careful attention.

Read on for more from Sarah, and to listen to this episode of the Feel Good Effect podcast about why real food is better than a pre-planned diet, and why it's so important to have a good relationship with food.

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Guest Bio

Sarah Adler is a lady-boss entrepreneur of Simply Real Health: a healthy lifestyle company, food blog, cookbook and brand on a serious mission to help busy people live healthier and more inspired lives, made simple.

Simple as in—philosophy (real food), recipes (all with 5 ingredients or less, 10-15 minutes or less) and easy (totally doable in real life). All with the mission of helping people creating better relationships to food, an #antidiet life that lasts, and a more joyful, fulfilling life because of it.

Website: www.simplyrealhealth.com

Instagram: @simplyrealhealth

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