Special Guest: Daisy Eris Campbell - Episode No. 38


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In our latest episode, we talk with writer, director and producer Daisy Eris Campbell, a leading counter-cultural voice in the U.K. We explore the legacy of Robert Anton Wilson and Ken Campbell, the cult classic Illuminatus novels and their legendary 9-hour theatrical adaptation, Daisy's play Cosmic Trigger and the mad fun it spawned, the KLF and burning money, the jesting religion of Discordianism, and much more. We cram a lot into this talk, so as you listen, remember Wilson's Rule #23: If you don't laugh, you've missed the point; if you only laugh, you've missed your chance at illumination. Links: http://www.hilaritaspress.com/ (WIlson's work as well as Daisy's Cosmic Trigger play, about to be published!) http://rawtrust.com/ (All things RAW) https://cosmictriggerplay.com/ (info on Daisy's production) https://kencampbell.urbandrum.co.uk/ (Ken Campbell monologues & interviews...not to be missed!) Music: “Sunday Smooth" by Scott Buckley, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License - www.scottbuckley.com.au.

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