Ep 180. New Mini Series - How to Make Your First Docuseries


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In 2018, I bootstrapped the production of the first Feisworld Docuseries. It is the most challenging and rewarding project I’ve ever accomplished. Docuseries (aka episodic documentaries) share many elements in common with documentary. If you’ve been “cooking” some ideas, this series could help make it a reality.

From ideation, planning to budgeting, traveling on the road, post-production, marketing, festival submissions, working with distributors, I’m going to cover many topics throughout the entire lifecycle of docuseries filmmaking. What’s also quite exciting is that I’m producing many of these mini episode in near realtime. As of October 15th 2018, we’ll be done with production/shooting of the docuseries. Starting mid October we’ll be knee-deep into post-production with an expected launch date of our first docuseries in early 2019.

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