EP. 52—"Ellie’s Garage”—A Girl Just Doing What She Loves!


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Ellie is the host of the YouTube channel, “Ellie’s Garage”—a video blog of Ellie’s journey into restoring a 1965 Ford Falcon alongside her father. Last year, at 14, Ellie decided that her first driver should be “a new old car” so her parents put her up to the challenge. Join us in this episode as Ellie shares how she discovered her passion for cars, what made her decide on a Ford Falcon, what she thinks of gender stereotypes and why no one is going to stop her from doing something she loves!

You can follow Ellie's journey on:

  • YouTube – youtube.com/elliesgarage
  • Instagram – @elliesgarage
  • Facebook - @elliesgarage
  • Patreon – patreon.com/elliesgarage
  • Website – elliesgarage.com

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