EP.53: Katie Chandler—“If You Can Visualize It, You Can Do It!”


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Katie Chandler is a BMW auto technician in the UK. At 21, she’s just finishing up an apprenticeship as a “panel beater” with BMW, but don’t let her youth fool you! Katie already has 5 years of experience in the auto industry and she has the skills and wisdom to prove it! Her experience includes fully restoring her own daily driver, painting a Porsche race car with a Jägermeister livery, and creating her own business, Nug Stripes, where she is a sign painter and pinstriper. What is a “panel beater”? You’ll just have to listen to this episode to find out…join us as Katie schools us on good tea and the proper way to drink it and shares how she forged her way through the industry.

You can follow Katie's work on:

  • Personal Instagram: @chandler_katie
  • Business Instagram: @nugstripes

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