Episode 30: A grab bag of Epee, Sabre and Foil


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We talk about the Moscow Sabre Grand Prix - Queen Velikaya returns and we find out who scares Sean. Gav's been watching the SNCF Reseau men's epee from Paris. Oldies dominate the podium and Sean doesn't feel encouraged to watch the team event. And finally we look at the Shanghai Foil Grand Prix with mixed feelings of joy and inevitability. Gav's previously hitherto unknown obsession with Quavers* becomes apparent...
Video links below:
Moscow Sabre Grand Prix
Mens Sabre
Womens Sabre
SNCF Reseau Paris
You can watch it all here on the French Federation's youtube channel.
Shanghai Grand Prix
Womens Foil
Mens Foil

*Editor's Note: Quavers are a delicious cheese flavour potato-based snack. They don't sponsor us but probably should.

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