FOW027 – Taiwan’s New Labour Law & Taiwanese Politics (EN)


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Katharin interviewed Brian Hioe, editor at New Bloom Magazine, about a new labor law that was recently passed in Taiwan.
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Photo: Lennon Ying-Dah Wong, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:00 Sunflower Movement, March 2014

  • Sunflower Movement: young people occupied the parliament for 23 days, in opposition to a trade deal
  • first Taiwanese presidential elections in 1996
  • Democratic Progressive Party, DPP
  • Kuomintang, KMT
  • Chen Shui-bian, former president, corruption charges
  • huge issue: unification vs. independence
  • ~10% of Taiwanese population migrated directly over from the mainland

00:06:53 2016 elections, Taiwan under Tsai Ing-wen

00:12:04 What did the Sunflower Movement do?

00:14:20 Current Politics of the Taiwanese Left

  • New Power Party (NPP; Chinese: 時代力量), post sunflower movement party
  • Legislature: proportional representation
  • New Party: extreme unification
  • fights and brawls in the legislature
  • Largest party: social democratic party, quite new
  • Alliance with the older green party
  • Taiwan Independence Party: mostly independence
  • NPP: more moderate, somewhere in between

00:20:00 Cooperation with the DPP in Parliament

The DPP’s flag with a white cross (Wikipedia)

00:23:30 New Labor Law

  • Labour reforms in 2016
  • NPP sided with labour unions, accused of instigating anti-DPP protests
  • The Liberty Times, Pan-green newspaper
  • labour unions: oppressed during martial law period (1949 to 1987)
  • Labour unions have both pro and anti-independence forces, some entered KMT as officials
  • cutting restrictions on mandatory rest time for workers
  • less overtime pay
  • vacation days can be delayed indefinitely
  • overwork-related deaths
  • mandatory time-off between shifts reduced
  • economic competitiveness
  • decline in manufacturing jobs, service sector prominent
  • Taiwan has 4th longest working hours in the world

00:38:40 Foxconn

00:44:49 Protests

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