FFP 248 | Abdominal Therapy for Fertility, Conception, and Emotional Healing | Andrea Thompson


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Andrea Thompson, LMT, has been a licensed and practicing massage therapist in Oregon. Her passion is utilizing modalities, such as Craniosacral Therapy and Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy ®, to bring a deep sense of awareness to the body while tapping into its inherent healing capabilities. Although she enjoys working with all ages and genders, her main focus is working with female-bodied people to assist them in the process of attaining healthy menses and natural conception, as well as aiding them through the physical changes of pregnancy.

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Topics discussed in today's episode:
  • The benefits of massage therapy and body work modalities for a woman’s fertility
  • How body awareness can change your health and mindset
  • What is Craniosacral Therapy?
  • How can vaginal steaming help with your menses?
  • Castor oil pack benefits
  • The importance of having your cervix and uterus aligned
  • Why having a healthy and clean womb not only helps with fertility and your menstrual cycle, but also helps your baby in the long run
  • How pregnancy massages and prenatal yoga are beneficial to your ever changing body
  • How body work can be healing for women (or any individual) who has been through trauma, whether physical or emotional
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