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In today’s episode I discuss a controversial article that came out recently suggesting that men are 100% responsible for all unplanned/unwanted pregnancies. Should men be responsible for birth control or should the responsibility fall on us? Tune in to find out my take on it!

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Topics discussed in today's episode:

  • What is Lisa’s take on the controversial article that came out on birth control and responsibility of men in pregnancy
  • What if women and men both took 100% of the responsibility of pregnancy
  • Why Lisa believes it truly is a privilege to be able to ejaculate inside a woman’s body
  • There is no birth control method that is 100% effective
  • How the pill has set up the expectation that having sex is different from having sex for pregnancy
  • What if men were expected to take full responsibility of pregnancy?
  • Why Lisa believes no one should have the blame put on them, but everyone should be more educated on what can happen when you have unprotected sex or get pregnant
  • The importance of couples or sexual partners to have conversations about sex, their preferred form of birth control and pregnancy
  • Is the withdraw method effective?
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