Akstar is Finally Here! Zeno of the Beta Star ... a new Global exclusive!? Plus a new story event ft. Akstar.


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We start this week’s show talking about the Dwarven Castle battle where you fight Golbez and his Shadow Dragon. This is a re-run of an old fight, so it’s not too tough. Shadow Dragon will deal lethal fixed damage to one unit every turn, so keep an eye out for that. The rewards aren’t anything special, but some players might still find Shadow Dragon scale’s +30 MAG to be useful.
Moving onto Akstar’s (Tomoe’s really) story event: Out for Vengeance. First, make sure to do the Akstar unit intro quest for the free goodies and to have a look at Akstar’s CG movie, it’s pretty cool! Following a brief discussion about the story and the items you can get from completing it, we discuss the units on the banner: Majora, Gravey, Tomoe, Akstar, and Zeno of the Beta Star. Gravey has an amazing TMR, Akstar comes out unchanged from his JP counterpart, and Zeno, the new global exclusive unit surprises everyone by being a true dial wield monster.
Tune in to hear us discuss the similarities and differences between Akstar and Zeno of the Beta Star!
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