Our thoughts on the Official Info Facebook Announcement, Xenogears Collab 2 ft. Citan & Maria, Armeggeddon trial with great rewards, Parameter Missions, and more freebies!


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We start off this week by talking about our thoughts on the livestream, including the Facebook announcement regarding the last-minute changes to Esther and Sylvie. The Eggstermination event turned out to be pretty easy with a friend Esther, enjoy your Asterisk, it’s pretty good! We also touch on parameter missions and give our thoughts on some of the rewards you can get for clearing them. The main event this week is another Xenogears raid “First and Last”. You can fight Deus for points and rewards. We’re also getting three new units. We discuss Billy, the gunner priest. Maria, the goggle wielding ball of destruction. And Citan, the doctor that failed medical school.

Time Stamps:
Our take on Gumi/FFBE's Official Information Message - 3:12
FFBE Easter Stream updates - 14:30
Armeggeddon - 16:12
Story Update, Free Lapis Summon - 19:29
Parameter Missions - 21:00
Xenogears Collab 2 - 27:45
Unit Review:
Billy - 31:19
Maria - 33:16
Citan - 41:06
Final Remarks: 51:05

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