Methane, Hydrology, and Constructed Wetlands with Karla Jarecke and Dr. Terry Loecke


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“Plant Species and Hydrology as Controls on Constructed Wetland Methane Fluxes” with Karla Jarecke and Dr. Terry Loecke

Wetlands are important ecosystems that provide many important services, such as assisting in water quality, flood control, erosion protection, carbon removal and storage, and biodiversity. Hydrology is the study of water, specifically in how it moves throughout the landscape.

Combine them with the conundrum of methane production in wetland plant species, and you’ve got the makings of a fascinating research project. Specifically, Karla Jarecke and Terry Loecke’s project. By testing methane production in two common wetland species under both lab and field conditions, they worked to answer important questions about not only how methane production, hydrology, and wetland species work together, but also how we can better plan for the creation and care of constructed wetlands.

Listen in to learn about:

  • The lifecycle of methane within wetlands
  • The different kinds of flora and fauna that live in them
  • How a parks program turned a would-be landfill into a new wetland
  • How field and lab conditions can differ, both in logistics and results

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