Tree Harvesting, Biomass Removal, and Soil Nutrient Reserves with Dr. Dave Morris


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“Effects of Biomass Removal Levels on Soil Carbon and Nutrient Reserves in Conifer-Dominated, Coarse-Textured Sites in Northern Ontario: 20-Year Results” with Dr. Dave Morris

Forest harvesting varies greatly from annual harvests of agricultural crops, with extended times between harvests, the amount of harvested material removed, and the degree of site disturbance. Trees can grow to impressive sizes, but can take up to 60 years or more to reach a merchantable size. Because of these factors, the potential impact of these forest harvest operations on the environmental conditions needed for successful tree regeneration and growth can be substantial. Dr. Dave Morris, in collaboration with colleagues from the Canadian Forest Service, have been examining the potential impacts of forest biomass removal on the sustainability of these harvesting practices. With his team from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry in Canada and sites from across the North American Long-term Soil Productivity Network, he’s spent 25-years looking at how forest soils and the regenerating forest recover after different intensities of forest biomass removal.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • How does the removal of forest biomass affect the health of soil and the regenerating forest?
  • How does the forest “recover” after stand-replacing disturbances?
  • How do foresters try to minimize environmental impact?
  • How does one coordinate a 25-year research project?

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