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It’s shooting sports in the time of coronavirus. What’s going to happen to the 2020 gameshooting season?

Chris Horne from GunsOnPegs and gamekeeper / sporting agent Paul Childerley explain what’s happening to shoots. Niall Rowantree from West Highland Hunting talks about how the Highlands of Scotland are coping.

What is the world of shooting feeling, as Boris Johnson exempts bicycling but says nothing about deerstalking and pest control? Garry Doolan from BASC talks about that, plus the future of firearms licensing.

And countryside events have moved. There are three taking place on the weekend of 18-20 September. John Allison from the Countryman Show which is taking place at Manchester lets us know what he thinks.

What Coronavirus means for British shooting sports: read our article:

Want to support our GoFundMe to get 500 protective suits to the NHS?

Changes to the countryside calendar here:

Thanks to everyone who took part - and thanks to their wives and partners who, for most of them, wrangled the cameras and microphones:

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