Becoming Honest with Ourselves


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Heather Caliri shares insight from personal experience and now in her mini-course about managing anxiety. "It starts with being honest with ourselves. This leads to discernment in knowing what our body is feeling and needing. We become less alienated from ourselves." Join Beth Bruno and Heather in a discussion about becoming more whole.

Reflection Questions:

1. If you’re a mom, do you feel like you’re involved in meaningful work? What is that? Do your kids see you doing it?

2. What do you make of Heather’s comment to her girls: “You don’t have to sacrifice your selfhood and giftedness to care for other people.”

3. Heather says that sometimes lovely isn’t soft and pretty, but ugly and raw. Do you relate?

4. Regardless of what you struggle with, how can you begin to name it for what it is?

5. What are simple things you can insert into your life that are life-giving? They don’t have to be complicated, christian-y, or expensive. Heather mentions yoga, coloring, puzzles, music, etc.

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