EP187 5 Things I Learned from Tracking My Time for a Week


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Tracking your time can be an effective way to track your productivity. In fact, I often recommend my clients to track their working hours to give them an overview of exactly how productive they are and track how many things they actually do while at work. But have you ever thought about tracking you’re your personal time – the time outside of working for your organization or business? Many people do not realize just how powerful and valuable tracking their non-working hours can be.

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I recently experimented with tracking my time, both at work and at home. This experiment has opened my eyes to many lessons about how I spend my time, my true productivity level, and even taught me how much time I actually spend with my family and friends.

In this episode, I’m going to share with you the 5 lessons I have learned after tracking my time over a 14 day period and why you should conduct your own experiment to help you identify where you could improve how you spend your time each week.

Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • Why tracking your personal time, as well as your working hours, can help you identify areas to improve
  • How tracking your time can help you overcome “mom guilt”

5 Things Tracking Your Time Each Week Can Teach You:

  1. Identify if you’re truly getting enough sleep
  2. Identify if you’re eating enough to fuel your daily, intense ambition and energy level
  3. The amount of time you truly spend with your children
  4. The number of hours you actually dedicate to work
  5. Identify if you’re lying to yourself about not having time to do fun or important things

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  • Episode 186: The Lies Women Tell Ourselves About Time with Laura Vanderkam

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