EP331 How To Get Comfortable Positioning Yourself As The Expert That You Are


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If you’re like many female entrepreneurs - you have this love-hate relationship with your expert status. You know it’s critical to share your unique perspective and points-of-view but accepting your position as the preeminent expert in your field may feel uncomfortable or unnecessarily ‘braggy.’

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So, how do you get comfortable with your expert status? How do you maintain your position in a category of one without feeling inauthentic?

Today, I explain why women entrepreneurs often feel uncomfortable positioning themselves as the go-to expert in their field. I explain how cultural and social conditioning has impacted our psyche and the way we feel about claiming our expert status. I also share helpful strategies you can use to become more comfortable with claiming your expert status - without feeling inauthentic or ‘braggy.’

“Almost every woman entrepreneur starts to feel uncomfortable - or like she’s bragging - when she starts to talk about and position her expertise.” - Eleanor Beaton

Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • Why women entrepreneurs often feel uncomfortable with their expert status.
  • The cultural and social conditioning women have endured that has impacted the way we feel about claiming our expert status.
  • Why women often do not want to ‘rock the boat’ in their industry.
  • Why it’s critical for female entrepreneurs in services-based businesses to position themselves as a preeminent expert.
  • How to position yourself effectively - and authentically - as the preeminent expert.
  • How you position yourself in conversations impacts your expert status.
  • The importance of how you position your message.

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