California’s Healthcare Help Desk: When your health insurance denies you, who to call to fight for you.


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In this episode of Fight Back, we will discuss the little-known yet potentially impactful Independent Medical Review system that gives healthcare consumers in every state of the country a powerful tool to fight back when insurance companies deny doctor-prescribed medical treatments.

Our special guest is Mary Watanabe, Director of the California Department of Managed Health Care, the state entity that oversees health plans that provide healthcare services to more than 27.7 million Californians. As Director, Mary is responsible for protecting consumers’ healthcare rights and ensuring a stable healthcare delivery system in accordance with federal and state rules.

Mary will discuss why the Department of Managed Health Care is the first place healthcare consumers should go when they encounter problems with their coverage. She explains the free, available tools that consumers can use to make an appeal, including a simple phone call or visit to the DMHC website. From how to use the independent medical review process to how to file a complaint against your health insurer or provider, Mary will give us the answers and more.

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