Oral Health: Why You Should Love Your Dentist


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Everyone loves to go to the dentist, right? After listening to this surprisingly fascinating Fight Back episode, you might not exactly love your dentist, but you will be more informed and even inclined to visit your dentist more often.

Our special guest, Dr. Joel Strom, discusses how oral hygiene impacts overall health and how preventive care almost always spares you from losing teeth and other problems. He also addresses a number of questions: Is flossing your teeth more important than brushing? Ever wonder what your wisdom teeth are for? Is gum disease associated with an increased risk of developing heart disease? Can dentists spot sleep apnea in their patients?

Dr. Strom is a former President of the California State Dental Board, past Chairman of the California Science Center, and presently is a member of a Dental Advisory Panel at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). He also is a practicing dentist and an Adjunct Faculty member at The Forsyth Dental Institute, the only independent research institute in the United States focusing on the connections between oral health and overall wellness.

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