Bear spray wielding canadians attempt to rob a dispensary! 16 Movie Badasses: BRACKETS pt. 2


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Bear spray wielding Canadians attempt to rob a dispensary only to have their hopes dashed by a three glass bong, the Golden Snitch finally catches up to TJ Dillashaw for EPO, Jarrett and Zeke debate the pronunciation and use of Kratom, are supplements on the razor's edge of PEDs, Cody predicted TJ’s on everything, billionaire’s will probably have nanobots repairing their bodies while us plebes face our inevitable demise, we advocate for the use of PEDs in most sports, bare knuckle boxing is the new hotness as Artem Lobov and Jason Knight cut each other to shreds as they duked it out in Biloxi, MS - defensive boxing becomes a thing of the past as they sit in the pocket and exchange. IS THIS A GOOD IDEA FOR A SPORT???? WE. DON’T. KNOW.

…. And we are back with the conclusion of our brackets... does kwai can chan survive the transporter? Would Raphael, go ninja go ninja, go all over Casey Ryback? Does Red Sonja have what it takes to make a Cinderella Run over the heavily favored Neo? Rope a dope specialist Indiana Jones takes on the Frank Dux in a neo-kumite but can Rocky Balboa survive Detective Inspector Lee (Rush Hour), crazy eyed Martin Riggs takes on a day walker in the form of Blade. Can nice guy Dalton take on the The Siberian Express in Ivan Drago.

Find out who wins our first ever Martial Madness and gets the coveted slow-motion montage under the greatest bad song ever, “One Shining Moment”.

The Brackets

1 Neo

16 Red Sonja

8 Su

9 Chuck Norris

4 Frank Martin

13 Kwai Chang Caine

5 Casey Ryback

12 Raphael

2 Frank Dux

15 Indiana Jones

7 Det. Insp. Lee

10 Rocky Balboa

3 Blade

14 Martin Riggs

6 Dalton

11 Ivan Drago

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