Every Bunny was Kung Fu Fighting and the Mascot Massacre


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He. Is. Risen. - The easter bunny delivers a boxing style beat down that is most eggcellent leaving egg on the face of a wandering attacker. We ALMOST skip past the show open yet again!!! One day we will get it right…

This Week in Sporps!

UFC St. Petersburg took place in russia as giving stateside fight fans a saturday morning treat not unlike the World Cup or Olympics. Zeke and Jarrett take a quick trip to the possibility of MMA/submission grappling making its way into the olympics. We discuss the possibility of a live show by touring with the Fight Stuff Podcast appropriately called “Brunch and Brutality”. Jarrett reminds us of the magic of Bullshido and their meetups. Alistair Overeem weathered the 4 and half minute storm from ezekiel choke specialist and 70 fight(!) veteran Aleksei Oleinik. Jarrett describes his love of heavyweight fighters is like watching dinosaurs.


In this weeks Show-and-tell Jarrett brings us the sub-genre of Mascot Fights. The phenomenon of mascot on mascot violence is nothing new to sports but we take a trip down Jarrett’s top five mascot fights. The Oregon Duck styles all over a Cougar of some sort incorporating WWE styling and DanceHall daggering in a ruthless display of aggression. Next Jaws the Jaguar took on Eli the Eagle as the Jaguar takes the Oral Roberts University mascot on a ride to suplex city. Tiger vs Panther in the high school ranks...takes a superheros turn. An unofficial mascot fight in the stands becomes a royal rumble. Brutus the anthropomorphic Buckeye nut get clipped by the Ohio Bobcat at the beginning of the game.

Jarrett pitches MMMA: Mascot Mixed Martial Arts that will hopefully be financed by Fight Stuff punching bag Art Davie? And yes we were bothered by Meryl Streeps’ dumb comments (and we love her!) from the Oscars but not enough to ban her from local MMA shows. Jarrett draws comparisons between a beyonce show and professional sports.

Did we just tease merch?!?!??! yup.

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