Hockey Fights , UFC 236 roundup and the XARM fever dream


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A scrappy 19 year old hockey player picks the wrong guy to challenge to a hockey fight, we accidentally skank our way back to the 90’s with a Mighty Mighty trip down memory lane, Plus we talk UFC 236 with Stylebender and Kelvin Gastelum delivering an early contender for fight of the night, and we strap in for this week's show-and-tell that proves two great tastes don’t always taste great together in Xarm.


A new genre of viral fight clip of the week… Hockey fights! Ovechkin delivers sock classic chin music via a label grab, Zeke skanks his way back to his 90’s ska/punk days and details how he ended up with a Dicky Barrett original (Mighty Mighty Bosstones) and accidentally appeared on their record, we remind our listeners to not rush the stage at a Tool show, Zeke reminisces about shows at the Middle East in Cambridge and his Big D and the Kids Table fandom. We attempt to unpack the unwritten rules of fighting and violence in college and professional hockey, how that fighting style mimics street fighting with collar grabs and lapel work, how mouthguards work by dissipating energy, GO PHYSICS!

This Week in Sporps we touch on a bunch of including UFC 236 fight of the year contenders Gastelum vs Adesanya and Poirier vs Holloway, Loma putting on a boxing clinic against a not ready for primetime contender. We fan boi out on Stylebender and his anime background and the tools he’s yet to show, we marvel at Theo Von’s reaction to Dustin Poirier winning the interim Lightweight title, nerdy Stylebender talks some smack to High School Bully Jon Jones.

WE GO DEEP on the strangest “sport” to ever materialize in the vicinity of MMA….XARM. From the broken brain of Art Davie came this abomination of an arm wrestling and MMA hybrid. Drawing on inspiration from prison rules basketball XArm dared to ask, “What would happen if I was losing an arm wrestling contest and just wanted to punch the other guys in the face??!?!?! Did we mention the “Idea Lab” he established in the 909?!?!?! We decide to start a new sport that combines WoW and grappling to compete with MMA and esports, hockey is the greatest sport ever but it is not a tv friendly sport even with Fox Trax glowing puck from the 90s,


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