Upkicks, Spinning shit and Five for Fighting


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-A Croatian MMA fight in Crimea leads to one fighter losing twice in the same MMA fight to both his opponent and the referee via technical submission. This weekend’s Bellator over delivered with three super viral finishes that made the rounds on IG.

This Week in Sporps: Spinning shit, upkicks KOs, and a super rare gogoplata in MMA. Spinning Shit: Raymond Daniels, in just his SECOND mma appearance, hit the craziest tornado punch against Wilker Barros (spinning back kick into nutty tornado punch). Is there a parallel between the relationship of linear media/new media and boxing/MMA when it comes to money? Probably. But we’re not economists. Upkicks: Fabian Edwards beat Falco Neto with that upkick straight into some hands. Brent Primus got dropped by Tim Wilde but gogo’ed him just 1 minute and 20 seconds into the fight.

Show and Tell - Fighting in Hockey

Growing up in LA we’ve had the Kings but LA was never a hockey town until Gretzky came to town. Jarrett’s knowledge of hockey might begin and end with the Sega Genesis classic NHLPA ‘93 so Zeke had his work cut out for him as he went through the origins of fighting in hockey. The term “Fisticuffs” makes its return to the podcast as we discuss the 1922 hockey rules (rule 56 or 46 if you’re playing with the new rules).

Can your martial art answer a hockey fight? Most don’t but gi jiu jitsu might… pay attention to grips right away! Having a game plan is not the same thing as magical thinking and only setting an intention. Tactics? We don’t need no stinking tactics! We have the traditional Go-for-It method and the classic rope-a-dope tactic as made famous by Gordie Howe. Etiquette: Like most things in life there is a way to go about fighting in hockey. Goon vs Goon and size matters. But what about the refs? Well they have a lot of leeway and sometimes guys just need to work it out. Causes: There are several but it's usually related to honor, protection but sometimes it’s personal.

Will it ever go away? Probably not. Efforts have been made but it's a part of the game for the foreseeable future.

Here are the top 5 hockey fights of all time in no particular order…

Marty McSorley vs Wendel Clark - One of the most celebrated hockey players of all time takes on one of the most hated, and the video is an instant classic

Flyers vs Canadiens - The scene was so embarrassing for the NHL that rules were finally changed. Incredibly harsh penalties were delivered to any player caught leaving the bench to fight, and the “Warmup Brawl” promptly ended bench clearing brawls from taking place

Colorado Avalanche vs Detroit Red Wings - Context: Also known as “Bloody Wednesday”, this was the brawl that defined an era

Bruins vs Rangers 1979 - The debauchery on the ice wasn’t enough as a Ranger’s fan named John Kaptain joined the melee, stealing a players’ stick and hitting him from the stands. That spurred on 18 different Bruins to run into the stands and pummel Kaptain.

Dave Schultz vs tiger williams - Schultz showed why he still holds the record more most penalty minutes in a single season with 472 by immediately dropping the gloves and going after Williams in retaliation for a dirty play

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